The Flippening: Will It Happen?? Everything You NEED To Know!!

The Flippening: Will It Happen?? Everything You NEED To Know!!

The Flippening: Will It Happen?? Everything You NEED To Know!!

When a Financial Product Sounds Too Good to Be True

It probably is. I’ve recently heard about such a product, one that guarantees you 10% return for the next seven years, and 5% for life after that. It’s even in writing.

The Power of Financial Planning

This article is about why financial life planning is important. I will share with you some of the current approaches to planning, show you how to plan in practice and highlight the outcomes.

Are YOU Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Are you one paycheck away from a financial collapse, or lack of? Most people are not prepared for what’s ahead! LIFE HAPPENS!

Centralized Banking by Government of India

Government of India has launched a mega financial inclusion plan through centralized banking by PM’s Jan Dhan Yojana. There are great income saving schemes by Indian Post Offices providing great benefits for common man.

Beyond the Basics: Choosing a Financial Planner

When looking for a financial planner, begin with the basic requirements. You want your advisor to: be a certified financial planner, have ten years of experience in the business, manage over $100 million of assets, and possess a clean regulatory record. And of course, you want your planner’s philosophy to align with yours. But those are just the minimum standards. I think you should go beyond the basics when choosing someone to trust with your money.

Top 10 Cheapest Online Discount Commodities Futures and Options Brokers for 2014

Review, listing and summary of top futures & options brokers with cheap commission rates. Finding a good quality, online futures broker with cheap rates, can be exhausting, yet important.

Mastering Your Money

You think you need more money to pay your bills, pay your debts, and put food on the table. The truth is more money will not solve your problem. Most people get a raise every year and still are broke. Most working people have doubled their incomes and still are at the mercy of their debt. You hear horror stories of athletes and entertainer losing all of their fortunes. Didn’t they make more money?

Auto Bill of Sale

An auto bill of sale is used to transfer the ownership of a car from a seller to a buyer. The pitfalls for both sellers and buyers of not using a proper auto bill of sale are discussed.

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