GLE Pre Sale Trailer

GLE Pre Sale Trailer

GLE Pre Sale Trailer

Green Life Energy GLE
is looking to develop green energy projects throughout the Globe. Using renewable energies like Wind, Solar, and Biomass; we want to help in creating the Planet into a greener place. If it’s not green it’s not us!

The renewable energy that will be created from our green projects will be used to power crypto miners, also sold to renewable energy companies and made affordable to our customers & communities where our renewable energy projects have been built.

All payments will go through the GLE Wallet. It will help us to fund more projects in the future across the Globe to help the Planet.

Pre-sale Start Date & Time
Wednesday 11/05/2022
12pm EST
17.00PM GMT

Presale End Date & Time
Thursday 12/05/2020
12pm EST
17:00pm GMT

Launch Date &Time
Thursday 12/05/2022
14:00pm EST
19:00pm GMT

Softcap 125 bnb
Hardcap 225 bnb

Minimum 0.1 bnb
Maximum 2 bnb

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