Bitcoin, Ethereum, SOL, ADA, DOT & LINK Technical Analysis

Bitcoin, Ethereum, SOL, ADA, DOT & LINK Technical Analysis

Bitcoin, Ethereum, SOL, ADA, DOT & LINK Technical Analysis

2 Things You Can Do Now for a Better Financial Future

Everybody wants a better financial future but what are they doing now to ensure that their financial future is secured? Find out two simple things you can start doing today to ensure that you have a better financial future.

Hitting The Road: Financial Management For Musicians On Tour

Touring offers many benefits to a musician, but going on the road also requires a higher level of organization than does performing locally. Sound financial management before, during and after your tour will ensure you know where your money is coming from and where it is going. Whether you take care of your own recordkeeping or work with someone else, you should still take time to understand the basics of how your tour’s finances work.

Are Your Financial Goals Realistic?

A big part of making your finances work is to have a workable plan. One that you can reasonable accomplish without putting your situation at risk of unnecessary debt troubles. The plan is often made of both short and long-term goals. These goals will give you direction and purpose when working a monthly budget.

How to Narrow Down Your Choice of Credit Unions to Find the Right One for You

Credit unions have a variety of options that go beyond a traditional bank. Take advantage of the benefits they have to offer by picking the best union to meet your financial needs.

Things to Consider Before Your Debt Spirals Out of Control

I’ve done many broadcasts this year on debt, the issues around debt and suggestions to help. Here are some of my notes from interviews on BBC 5 Live, BBC Breakfast TV and several local BBC Radio stations around the country.

You Are In The Driving Seat – Advice From A Derby Financial Adviser

When it comes to pensions, the changes introduced in this year’s budget are some of the most radical and progressive I have ever seen. Pensions are undoubtedly now more attractive than ever before. Here I will focus on two of the highlights which caught my eye.

Take Another Look At Yellin’s Comments About Interest Rates

Ben Bernanke’s speeches caused the market to plummet several times. Now Janet Yellin’s first press conference did the same thing. I guess every Federal Reserve chairman learns that the market (and the world) magnifies everything they say by a hundredfold. This time, someone asked our new chair when she thought interest rates would go up. She casually replied that the Fed would probably raise interest rates in six months. It seemed like the entire planet panicked: the market dropped like a stone and the entire bond market turned upside down.

When Financial Decisions Are Affected By Our Emotions

Our emotions dictate almost every decision we make in life; including our financial choices. Emotions can be complex and while they are different for everyone, making money choices based on our emotions can be both good and bad.

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